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The Man Formerly Known As Muffin

rave on


hello, my name is Simon, better known as

i am a

and a

i'm also an insane basketball player and snowboarder
as well as a politically minded pre-med student

i am also

i like my music dark, my colors bright, and my cartoons contradictory

thus concludes the introduction

+44, 28 days later, 30 seconds to mars, ac/dc, anti-flag, aphex twins, arkham asylum, bad religion, baked goods, baking, basketball, black star, blink 182, bmx bikes, bmx racing, bright colorful lights, bright colors, chasing amy, chemical brothers, clerks, clerks 2, clue, cougar/jensen, cursed, d'angelo, dance dance revolution, day watch, deadmau5, deftones, doctor who, dogma, dracula, dresden dolls, drum & bass, dunkin donuts, dust brothers, eeyore, emmy rossum, epic movie, eric/hyde, finger eleven, garbage, gloomy bear, grand theft auto, green day, happy hardcore, haven, hellboy, incubus, jensen/cougar, jessica alba, jimmy eat world, johnny cash, jonah hex, judas priest, kaiser chiefs, kandi, kandi kidz, killer mike, kingdom hearts, kiss kiss bang bang, konstantin khabenskiy, krs one, mallrats, mindless self indulgence, monster trucks, muffins, munchkins, muscle cars, nate dog, ncis, nelly, night watch, nine inch nails, npr, office space, ok go, one tree hill, paintball, papa roach, plain white t's, playstation 2, politics, predators, rage against the machine, rasputin, raves, raving, resident evil, rocknrolla, rufus wainwright, sergei lukyanenko, sin city, sixers, skateboarding, sneaker pimps, snowboarding, stone temple pilots, sunshine, sweeney todd, taking back sunday, tattoos, that 70s show, the aristocrats, the glades, the losers, the nightmare before christmas, the walking dead, this american life, three days grace, timur bekmambetov, tool, traffic, unkle, wait wait, world war z, world/inferno friendship society, young avengers, zombies