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okay, this ticked me off

i will never make a career out of being a loud obnoxious outspoken advocate for anything simply because i don't pay enough attention to the world at large. yes, i do know that North Korea made an unprovoked attack on South Korea and that tensions are raised; i know that all the world's governmental secrets are being posted on-line by an Australian who has just been arrested for sex crimes but i have no idea what the secrets he published are and unless it's a huge step towards the de-corruption of the world's governments and a call to arms for revolution, i really don't care to know them.

but yeah, anything about entertainment controversy? completely passes me by.

which is why i'm probably the last person in the world to have heard about GLAAD acting more like PETA and getting pissed off about NOTHING.

to sum up the trailer for this otherwise unremarkable looking comedy staring four people i don't care about and Jennifer Connelly starts off with these two best friends/ business partners pitching an idea for a car or an engine to a conference room full of suits. the first lines of the trailer are: "Electric cars … are gay. Not 'homosexual' gay. But, you know, 'My parents are chaperoning the dance,' gay."

when i saw the trailer (while sitting in the theater with my very gay boyfriend sirius_snickett) we both laughed at that. the overall movie looked meh, but we both enjoyed the joke. and you know what? neither of us took offense to it. seeing as how half the joke was the character defining his terms so you knew he wasn't h8n on the homos (thanks to fckh8.com i'm using that phrase everywhere lol) i don't really see how you could take offense to it.

well not if you're a sane, intelligent, and hip individual at any rate.

it's not a snipe at the queer community! it's acknowledging that the word has taken on another meaning in the last generation. to my peers it's a term meaning lame. i've used it myself. so has my boyfriend. it's just part of the current vernacular as such. in having that in the trailer and in the film itself, it's the screenwriter Allan Loeb keeping the character in the zeitgeist. is it a joke that will stand the test of time and become known as a classic movie line? well no. i doubt it will be as funny five years from now, but that's not the point. the entire point of the line was letting us know the sort of character we are dealing with. and that is a typical Vince Vaughn comedy character. so i was pretty happy to read five minutes later that they are keeping the joke in the film even if they did drop it from the trailer. i won't go see the movie either way, but to pull the only joke that actually hit is pretty stupid.

the unedited trailer can be found here

apparently most of this fall out was due to some comments made by Anderson Cooper in which he failed to get the joke and further claimed that it was part of the reason 6 queer boys killed themselves at the start of the semester. no, it's really not.

what drove the queer youths to kill themselves is what always drives queer youth to kill themselves: hate, fear, and inbred bigotry. NOT appropriating a term for a different purpose.

bullying runs rampant in our schools for all sorts of reasons. sirius_snickett believes that it comes from something inherent in human nature that we have to find something to shun or attack as different than we are. he might be right, he's spent way more time dealing with it and contemplating the reasoning behind it than anyone else i know. i know some kids do it as a response to a bad home life. they can't control what's going on at home or they're the weak target of bullying from their parents, so they lash out at school and take out their anger on someone who is weaker than they are or who reminds them of their own perceived weakness. some kids are bullies because they're emulating their parents and find that it makes their parents proud if they pick on the poindexter or the class fag. i know i participated in bullying because when you're little your instinct is to side with your friend, not question their reasoning for it. if my best friend is picking on this scrawny kid in class, there must be a reason for it. except there's not.

i personally love all of the anti-bullying campaigns. www.fckh8.com and www.itgetsbetter.org are exactly what is needed to get the message out that hey, you may be stuck near some total fuckwads right now, but that doesn't mean they'll be there forever. on the other hand i'm kind of disgusted that it took a sort of mass suicide for this shit to come to light on a national level and kick start these campaigns. but when all they are are solidarity movements for queer youth. reassurances that you are not alone, no matter how alone your feel right now. that's awesome and i hope it helps kids feel better in their skin.

it won't stop bullying though. and it won't stop the hate and prejudice that runs rampant in this country. to do that we have to change the fundamentals of religion and faith and political manipulation in this country. and sadly, that is never going to happen.

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